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Live & Lease Opportunity

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The rise of interest rates has slowed the housing market, making it easier for buyers to find and negotiate better prices and terms. The market is shifting, but it's not a buyer's market yet, and higher interest rates means the same mortgage buys a less expensive house.

There is an option that can help buyers in these tough times. I call it "Live & Lease". It is the ability to live in your home AND bring in regular income by leasing a portion. The difficulty is in finding homes that make Live & Lease easy and not a huge inconvenience and infringement on your privacy.

The beautiful new town homes at Eagle View were designed with flexible floor plans that give the homeowners options not found everywhere... the option to live in and lease.

With three fully-finished stories, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and walk-out basements, buyers can live on the main and second floors and lease the basement for addition income to off-set the mortgage.

2 bedrooms, living room and bath makes an attractive quiet apt for traveling nurses
walk-out basement bedroom makes a perfect office or studio

The walk-out lower levels has two bedrooms, a living space, 3/4 bath and a solid, locking fire-door at the base of the staircase for privacy and security.

Some owners opt to offer an AirBnB setup, others mid-term stays (month-to-month) for guests like traveling nurses. You may prefer to lease long-term for consistent income with low turnover.

To learn more or schedule a time to view the homes in person, please see the project website at or contact Elizabeth Kunz with Colorado Springs Realty.

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